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How much does a domain cost?

-Each domain is only 10 dollars and squatted domains are 50 dollars.

-If the domain you have purchased is not available on the old Internet due to the domain extension not being available through ICANN’s registry then you will only be able to access the domain on The New Internet. For example, “” is only available on The New Internet because “.gay” is not a registry supported by ICANN on the old Internet at this time.

Domain Squatting is when a domain on the old Internet is parked (no activity) so it goes up for sale on The New Internet. When you try and access this domain on the old Internet it will still take you to the parked domain, but on The New Internet it will go to your website and will be completely yours to do as you wish.

Exactly the same way you would on the old Internet. If you are a merchant website, know who is buying from you and never receive a charge back again. Also, never worry about hacking again as all users and devices are accounted for on The New Internet and hackers will be held accountable for their actions.

-Yes, if you own the domains on both entities you can have website on both and they do not have to be the same website.

-Better express yourself or your brand. Get that domain that has been parked and the owner is trying to charge you an astronomical amount. Get any domain you want or can possibly think of on The New Internet you are not limited to ICANN’s registry anymore. Buy your name, your dogs name; whatever you can think of, it is completely available to you.

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